Paintings and Works on Paper: Living in Nature

Mountain Road in the Rain
Oil on linen

August 9 – September 2, 2019
Longyear Gallery

Ellen Wong Paintings and Works on Paper: Living in Nature, finds me painting the ordinary world around me. Nature, HERE, is still the subject and my inspiration. Newer work finds me closer to home, even inside at times, peering out my windows, working from observation and seeing, feeling and responding. Revisiting some of the same places which are always changing depending upon the seasons, time of day, weather and my own changing atmosphere, to see the commonplace anew. There is a quiet solitariness, an unpeopled landscape, encounters with deer, and cows, birds and sheep.

Returning to familiar places with new questions…I paint my world into existence. It follows my paths along the scenic corridors and country roads that bring me here to Roxbury and Delaware County.

I take comfort in the world around me as I find it. Shadows reflected in a window looking out from another window while giant hostas form a cool green carpet for the rain. In the broad shapes of mountains and trees and patterns of clouds in the sky and shadows across the land I find my place.

February Afternoon Light Show, Bovina
First Snow West Settlement Road, Roxbury
Newly Fallen Snow
Route 30 After the Snow, Before the Cutoff Road
Snow Turning to Rain on Passenger Window
Along Rt 30 Foggy Day